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Colleges with a similar artsy and community feel like Muhlenberg?

I have my eye on Muhlenberg College for its theatre program and the close-knit community feel. Can anyone suggest some schools with a similar arts focus and tight community? Also interested in knowing if they're liberal arts colleges or have a broader range of programs.

8 months ago

Hey there! My kiddo had a similar wish list when looking at colleges and we found a few that echo Muhlenberg's vibe.

Take a glance at Skidmore College - it's a liberal arts school with a fantastic arts scene, especially known for its theater program.

Also, Ithaca College has a vibrant performing arts community, and though it's not a liberal arts college per se, it still maintains that small community feel.

Another one to consider is Emerson College; it's more specialized with a strong focus on communications and the arts. The college has a unique culture that fosters creativity. While it's not a traditional liberal arts college, its arts-centric curriculum might appeal to you the same way Muhlenberg does.

The fortunate thing about these schools is that they offer the close-knit atmosphere while still providing a range of academic programs. Hope this helps and best of luck in finding that perfect college for you!

8 months ago

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