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How do my stats compare to the average accepted student at Drexel University?

Feeling a bit nervous here, but does anyone have an idea of what the average accepted student stats are at Drexel University? I’m particularly interested in details like GPA, test scores, and the type of activities they were involved in.

8 months ago

It's completely natural to feel nervous, but gathering information is a great step in evaluating your chances. As of the latest data, the average GPA of accepted students at Drexel University generally hovers around 3.7. Standardized test scores for the SAT fall within the range of 1180-1380, while the ACT composite scores are normally between 25-30.

In terms of activities, Drexel looks favorably upon students who demonstrate leadership, initiative, and a commitment to their interests, whether that's in sports, the arts, community service, or other extracurriculars. It's especially beneficial if these activities align with your intended major or show a pattern of engagement and growth over time.

If you're below these averages, remember that these are just that - averages. Applicants are admitted with scores and GPAs both above and below these numbers. And Drexel does consider each application within the context of that student's personal and academic background. Keep in mind the importance of strong letters of recommendation, a compelling personal statement, and showing your unique character through your application. They can make a difference if you're on the fringe of these statistical averages.

8 months ago

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