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Is retaking an AP Exam an option if I did poorly?

I'm stressing out because I don't think I did well on my AP exam. Is it possible to retake it to improve my score, or is it a one-shot deal? What's the process like?

8 months ago

It's completely understandable to be concerned about your AP exam scores, especially when you've put in so much effort throughout the year. While students usually take AP exams once, you can indeed retake them the following year if you feel your score doesn’t reflect your true understanding of the material. Keep in mind, though, you would have to wait an entire year, as these exams are only offered once annually in May.

If you decide to retake the exam, discuss your plans with your teacher or counselor to help you prepare more effectively. Also, many students find that their AP exam scores do not drastically affect their college admissions chances, especially if their grades in the AP class are strong. While the scores can award college credit, they are typically not a make-or-break component of your college application. Focus on the big picture and keep doing your best!

8 months ago

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