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Colleges with acceptance rates similar to Providence College?

Hey everyone! I'm trying to broaden my college search and I’m looking for more schools that have a vibe and acceptance rate similar to Providence College. I’ve been trying to make a balanced college list and want to make sure I have a good mix of reaches, matches, and safeties. Any suggestions?

8 months ago

Hi there! Figuring out a balanced list of colleges is a smart approach. To find colleges with acceptance rates similar to Providence College, a good strategy would be to check out comprehensive college search platforms. CollegeVine’s school search tool could be particularly useful for this task; you can filter schools by acceptance rate, which can help you identify institutions that fall into the same range as Providence.

You might also consider looking at schools like Fairfield University, Loyola University Maryland, or University of Scranton. These can give you the same sort of East Coast, mid-sized, private university atmosphere, with acceptance rates that aren't too far off from Providence's. Remember to take into account not just acceptance rates but also the academic programs and campus culture to ensure you find your best fit. Good luck on your search!

8 months ago

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