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Are mechanical pencils allowed during AP exams?

Hey everyone, quick question because I keep getting mixed messages. Are we allowed to use mechanical pencils on the day of AP exams, or do we have to stick with the classic No. 2 pencils? Wouldn't want to mess up over a silly mistake like this.

8 months ago

Hello! Your concern about the appropriate writing instrument for AP exams is absolutely valid, and it's great that you're making sure of the details ahead of time. According to the College Board's official guidelines, students taking any AP exams are instructed to use No. 2 pencils for their multiple-choice answer sheets, as these sheets will be scored by a machine that is calibrated especially for No. 2 pencil marks.

Mechanical pencils, unfortunately, are not recommended because they come in a variety of graphite grades and may not be read accurately by the answer sheet scanning equipment. For your free-response questions, a pen with black or dark blue ink is usually required. These guidelines are to ensure that there are no issues with the scanning process and that your answers are properly recorded. So, stick with the classic No. 2 pencils for the multiple-choice and the appropriate pens for your free-response answers to be safe. It's a simple but crucial detail, so it's good that you're planning ahead. Good luck with your exams!

8 months ago

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