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Does AP Human Geography have a reputation for being a difficult exam?

Hey folks! Junior year is hitting hard, and I’m trying to plan for AP exams. I’ve been hearing mixed things about AP Human Geography. How tough is it really? Can someone who's taken it give me a rundown on what to expect and how to prep effectively?

8 months ago

Hey there! AP Human Geography is often considered one of the more accessible AP exams, especially for underclassmen. That being said, difficulty is subjective and can depend on your interest and strength in understanding human cultures and geographic concepts.

For preparation, I'd recommend sticking to a study schedule, reviewing the course materials, and maybe even getting an AP prep book. Also, taking practice exams can help you get a handle on the time constraints and format of the questions. Participating in study groups may also be helpful, as you can bounce ideas off classmates and tackle tough concepts together. The key is to start early and not underestimate the exam; while it may not be the toughest AP out there, it still requires a good amount of preparation to do well on. Good luck!

8 months ago

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