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What to bring for the AP Lang Exam?

Hey guys, I'm starting to prep for my AP exams, and I'm a bit stressed about making sure I have everything I need. Can anyone tell me what I definitely need to bring for the AP Lang exam? I know the basics like pencils and stuff, but is there anything specific for this exam that I shouldn't forget? Thx!

8 months ago

Hey there! It's great that you're getting prepared for your AP Lang exam in advance. Being well-prepared includes knowing what to bring on exam day. Aside from your school ID and registration ticket which are must-haves, you will need several #2 pencils with erasers for your multiple-choice answer sheet, and blue or black ink pens for the free-response section where you will write your essays. These pens are particularly important for AP Lang since legibility can affect the scoring of your essays.

Also, remember to bring a watch (without an alarm) to keep track of your time since there is no talking during the exam, and this will help you manage your time effectively. Lastly, bring a snack and water for the break; just make sure to keep them in your bag and only consume them during designated times. Best of luck on your exam, and remember to get a good night's sleep before the big day!

8 months ago

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