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How does Juniata compare to other small liberal arts colleges?

Can anyone weigh in on how Juniata College stacks up against other small liberal arts colleges? I'm really interested in their emphasis on personalized education and undergraduate research opportunities. Are there other colleges out there that offer a similar experience? Looking for more options to expand my list with a similar intimate and collaborative learning environment.

8 months ago

Juniata College is indeed known for its commitment to personalized education and undergraduate research, which is a hallmark of many small liberal arts colleges. For a similar experience, you might want to look into colleges like Oberlin College, which is known for its strong undergraduate teaching and research opportunities as well. Another one to consider is Bates College, where there is a strong emphasis on the liberal arts and engaging students in research from early on. Both of these institutions, like Juniata, have a student-centered approach, though they might differ in terms of campus culture and specific programs offered.

Make sure to reach out to current students or alumni and ask about their experiences to get a better sense of the community and opportunities available on these campuses. Open houses and campus tours, if possible, would also give you a taste of the academic environment and help you see how it compares with Juniata's. Best of luck in finding the right college fit for you!

8 months ago

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