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What's a typical Brown University accepted student like?

Calling all Brown admits or anyone knowledgeable—I'm dreaming of going to Brown, but I'm not sure what they look for in applicants. Can you describe what accepted students typically excel in academically or in their ECs? Thanks in advance!

8 months ago

Hey there, I totally get the curiosity and eagerness to understand what kind of profiles Brown University looks for in their applicants. My son applied and got into Brown a couple of years ago, so I might be able to offer some insights. From what we observed, Brown really appreciates students who have a strong sense of self-direction and intellectual curiosity. Academically, they value those who have challenged themselves with rigorous courses—not just AP or IB, but also through independent studies or research, if that's available to you.

On the extracurricular front, depth over breadth seems to be a recurring theme. They look for students who have shown a deep commitment and growth in one or a few areas, rather than a long list of shallow involvements. Leadership roles are valued, but unique contributions or significant achievements in your activities can be just as impactful. For instance, if you have a passion for environmental science and you dedicate much of your high school career to local conservation projects, this may help your application stand out. Good luck, and I hope this helps!

8 months ago

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