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Actual length of the AP Biology exam?

Not gonna lie, I'm a bit worried about the length of the AP Bio exam. Does anyone who's taken it have insights on how long the whole ordeal actually takes?

8 months ago

I completely understand your concern about the duration of the AP Biology exam—it's definitely a marathon, not a sprint! The scheduled testing time for the AP Biology exam is approximately 3 hours, but it's divided into distinct sections. You'll have 90 minutes for the multiple-choice and grid-in questions, followed by a 10-minute reading period to transition and then 80 minutes for the free-response section. Remember to factor in some additional time before the test begins for administrative purposes and breaks.

On the day of the exam, though, it's not unusual for the entire testing experience to be closer to 4 hours, considering the time it takes to distribute and collect materials, and read instructions. My advice is to prepare mentally and physically for this length of time—get a good night's sleep, have a nutritious breakfast, and bring a snack for the break. With the right mindset and preparation, you'll do just fine!

8 months ago

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