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What do accepted students at UC Berkeley usually look like academically?

Totally wigging out about college apps here! I'm dreaming of UC Berkeley, and I was hoping to get some info on what their accepted student profiles typically boast. Any thoughts on GPA, SAT scores, or extracurriculars?

8 months ago

Hey there! It's completely normal to be a bit nervous about the college application process, especially for a dream school like UC Berkeley. Admittedly, Berkeley is known for its competitive admissions, but don't let that discourage you! Accepted students often have strong GPAs—think in the ballpark of 4.0 and above (weighted), but it's not all about numbers. With SAT scores, Berkeley has been test-optional for recent admissions cycles, so not all students submit scores. However, for those who did in the past, scores were typically in the higher percentiles (above 1400).

Extracurriculars also carry weight, and Berkeley looks favorably upon students who've shown leadership, initiative, and a deep commitment in their activities, rather than a long list of unconnected clubs. Things like starting a club, leading a project, or advancing to state/national levels in competitions can really stand out.

Remember to highlight your unique experiences and strengths in your application. And absolutely, the academic rigor of your coursework plays a significant role, so AP, IB, or honors classes can add to your academic profile if you've done well in them. Keep working hard, and good luck!

8 months ago

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