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Length of AP US Government and Politics Exam?

Fellow gov students, just how extensive is the AP US Government and Politics exam? Is it a test of endurance or more of a sprint? Would love some tips on time management since pacing is not my strongest suit.

8 months ago

It's great that you're thinking about time management for the AP US Government and Politics Exam! This exam is structured to be completed within a set timeframe and consists of two main sections. The first is a multiple-choice section with 55 questions that you get 80 minutes to complete. The second section involves four free-response questions for which you'll have 100 minutes. This equates to roughly a minute and a half per multiple-choice question and 25 minutes per free-response question.

To manage your time effectively, use some of your study time to practice answering questions in a fixed amount of time. You'll also want to be comfortable with moving on from a question if you're unsure of the answer, instead of getting stuck and bleeding time you don't have. Remember, you're not penalized for guessing on the multiple-choice section, and at a certain point you want to just take your best shot and save your time for the other questions.

As you practice, you'll get a better feel for the pacing, and you'll improve your ability to gauge how much time to spend on each question. Keep practicing, and best of luck on the exam!

8 months ago

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