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Leaving an AP Exam Early - Allowed?

Okay so, long story short, I have a pretty tight schedule. If I finish an AP exam before the time is up, am I allowed to leave early, or is that not a thing?

8 months ago

Well, the answer to your query is no, leaving early isn't usually allowed for AP Exams. It's part of the standardized nature of these exams; they're quite strict about the start and end times to provide a consistent testing environment for all students. Once you're in the exam room and the test has started, the College Board's rules require that you stay put for the entire duration of the exam, even if you've finished early.

This is to prevent any possible distractions for other test takers and to maintain test security. Remember that these policies might feel a bit rigid, but they're for the fairness and integrity of the exam process. So, plan to be in the exam room for the full testing period. It's a good idea to bring something to read or draw on the scratch paper in case you finish early and need to wait quietly. Just be sure whatever you bring doesn't have text or content that could be deemed an academic resource, as that could get you into trouble. Make sure to adjust your schedule for that day to avoid any other obligations during the exam time window.

8 months ago

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