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What extracurricular activities and personal qualities do colleges like to see?

Hi guys, I'm earnestly trying to understand what colleges are looking for in terms of extracurriculars and personal qualities. Should I be focusing on leadership, community service, or something else entirely to improve my college app?

8 months ago

Hello! It's fantastic that you're taking the time to consider how to enrich your college application with extracurricular activities and personal traits. Colleges value a range of activities that demonstrate your passions, commitments, and personal growth. Leadership is always a plus as it shows initiative and responsibility, but that doesn't mean you must be class president to impress admissions officers. Dedicating time to causes you're passionate about, whether it’s through community service or environmental activism, is equally impactful.

Colleges also look for qualities like resilience, curiosity, and the ability to work collaboratively. These traits can be reflected not just in activities you lead, but also in team sports, academic clubs, or group projects. For example, a student who consistently volunteers at a local charity and shows long-term commitment can stand out just as much as one holding a leadership role. The key is to engage deeply in a few areas rather than spreading yourself thin. By showing impact and personal growth in your activities, you’re on the right path!

8 months ago

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