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Looking for a liberal arts college experience similar to Furman?

I really like what I've heard about Furman’s community feel and their emphasis on the liberal arts. What are some other liberal arts colleges that offer a similar atmosphere and educational philosophy?

8 months ago

Sounds like your child has a clear picture of what they're looking for, which is fantastic! My child had similar interests and ended up at St. Olaf College in Minnesota. It's got a strong liberal arts curriculum with a great sense of community, much like Furman. They really emphasize undergraduate teaching, and there's a personal touch in the way professors engage with students.

Other colleges to consider might be Davidson College in North Carolina or Centre College in Kentucky. They both have vibrant campus communities and are well-regarded for their liberal arts education. I think it's really about finding the right fit for your child - visiting campuses, if possible, can give them a feel for the environment. Sometimes, it's the intangibles like the campus vibe, the warmth of the student body, and the engagement of faculty that make all the difference. Encourage them to reach out to admissions and, if possible, chat with current students – that inside perspective is invaluable. Good luck on this journey - it's a big decision, but it sounds like you're well on your way to finding a great fit!

8 months ago

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