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Is it okay to reuse essays for multiple college applications?

So, I found this prompt from College A that really resonated with me and I feel like I wrote a strong essay. I just saw that College B has a pretty similar prompt. Would it be frowned upon to reuse my essay from College A for College B's application, and do I need to write a completely new essay even if the topic feels like a good fit for both?

8 months ago

Absolutely, you can reuse essays for different college applications as long as the prompts are similar enough. Many students do this to manage their time more effectively during application season. Before you submit, make sure your make the necessary revisions so that the essay you wrote for College A conforms to the specific nuances and word limit of College B. Also, double-check to be certain that any references to specific college details (like the school's name or programs) are updated to match College B.

For example, if your essay for College A mentions a particular program or facility member unique to that school, you'll need to revise that portion to reflect College B's offerings if you want it to resonate just as effectively with their admissions team. It's a smart strategy to tailor your essay wherever necessary to showcase your interest and fit for each specific college while also maintaining the essay's authenticity. Good luck with your applications!

8 months ago

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