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Is titling my college essay necessary or beneficial?

I'm in the midst of drafting my college app essays, and I'm kinda torn—do admissions officers expect a title? Would it help my essay stand out or is it just unnecessary fluff? If anyone who's gone through the process or knows about it can weigh in, that'd be great!

8 months ago

Hey there! Titles are definitely not a requirement for college essays, but they can serve as a sharp hook or a way to neatly package your story. Think of it like this: your essay is already a personal narrative or insight into your world. If your title can add an additional layer of interest or set the tone for what's to come, then go for it! However, if you find that the title doesn't contribute significantly to the essay, it might just be taking up valuable space that could be used to expand on your experiences or insights.

Consider a student who titled her essay 'The Symphony of Community Service.' This title ties nicely into her narrative about how volunteering played harmonious roles in her personal growth and community engagement. The title complemented her essay and intrigued the reader from the outset.

On the flip side, a generic or forced title can detract from the authentic voice of your essay. Keep in mind that every word on your application is an opportunity to showcase your personality and distinctiveness, so if you choose to include a title, ensure it's purposeful and reflective of your essay's content. Happy writing!

8 months ago

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