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What’s the deal with college essays and plagiarism?

A bit stressed here because I've been reading about severe consequences of plagiarism. What specifically happens if someone accidentally includes a few lines in their college essay that are too similar to something online? How do colleges even find out?

8 months ago

Plagiarism in college essays is a serious concern, and I'm glad you're thinking about its consequences. Admissions offices often use sophisticated plagiarism detection software to scan essays for originality. If a college discovers that parts of an essay are not original, it seriously jeopardizes that student's chances of admission. It's the sort of academic dishonesty that institutions take very seriously, and it can result in a rejection or even the rescinding of an offer if discovered after acceptance.

Accidents do happen, but plagiarism isn't just about copying large blocks of text. It also means using someone else's ideas or phrases without proper attribution, even if it's just a line or two. To avoid these issues, it's crucial to write your essay in your own voice and cross-check any phrases that you feel might not be entirely your own creation. Make sure that any quotes or paraphrased material is properly cited, even though formal citations aren't common in admission essays.

It comes down to being meticulous and ensuring your work is genuinely your own. If you're truly worried you've unintentionally included someone else's words, consider revising those parts, or even better, rewriting them entirely to express your thoughts authentically. Remember, colleges are interested in your individual voice and experiences, not someone else's.

8 months ago

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