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Tips on infusing personality into my college essay intro?

Hey everyone, I'm a bit stressed out about starting my essay. What are some unique ways to introduce myself in a college essay that can make a strong impression right from the start? I want to stand out but also stay genuine to who I am.

8 months ago

Hey there, deep breaths! The beginning of your essay is your chance to draw the reader in. A great way to start is with an anecdote or a story that's personal to you. Think of a moment that was a turning point or represents something critical about your personality or values. Let this story reflect the essence of who you are. Just make sure it's concise and compelling. A strong strategy is to 'start in the middle' of the action to grab attention quickly. Starting in the middle of an event or action is a technique referred to as 'in medias res.'

Use your natural voice—no need for fancy vocab if that's not you—and let your humor, seriousness, curiosity, or whatever traits define you, shine through. A tip: write down a list of adjectives you'd use to describe yourself, and then pick a story from your life that showcases those qualities in action. Also, have someone who knows you well read the start to ensure it feels authentic. You got this!

8 months ago

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