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Personal vs. generic - how to write a personal essay for college?

I hear a lot about how important it is to be personal in your college essay but also to stay relatable. How can I find that balance and make sure I'm writing a personal essay that will connect with the person reading it on the other end?

8 months ago

Finding the balance between a personal and relatable essay can indeed feel daunting but it's absolutely achievable. Think of moments in your life that shaped your perspective, interests, or aspirations. These instances don't have to be monumental, but they should be significant to you and demonstrate growth or a shift in understanding. For example, an essay about a routine family dinner could unfold into a deeper narrative about communication and connection. The key is to reflect on why that moment matters to you and how it's influenced your view of the world or your place in it.

Remember that your essay is a story only you can tell, so focus on your unique experiences, thoughts, and feelings. The universal relatability will come from the emotions and insights you share, not the specific details. Be genuine and thoughtful, and trust that the admissions officers will resonate with the honesty and reflection you bring to your writing. It's your voice and perspective that will stand out!

8 months ago

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