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How should I go about structuring my college essay?

Hey guys, I’m kinda overwhelmed with where to start on my essay. Could someone give me advice on structuring my college application essay? How do I ensure that it flows well and really showcases who I am?

8 months ago

Hey there! Starting your college essay can definitely seem daunting, but a well-thought-out structure can make a world of difference. A common and effective way to structure your essay is to use the classic 'narrative' approach. Begin with a hook – an intriguing sentence or anecdote that captures the reader's attention. Next, set the scene or provide context for the story or point you’ll be discussing.

From there, you want to lead into the body of the essay, which should contain the main story or the message you want to convey, often showcasing your personal growth, challenges, achievements, or reflections. Make sure each paragraph transitions smoothly into the next, connecting your ideas in a way that feels natural and maintains the readers' interest. Remember to be specific and personal—colleges want to see who you are and how you think.

Lastly, wrap up with a reflective conclusion that ties your essay back to the main theme and provides a sense of closure. Revisit your hook or the main story to give the reader a full-circle moment. For example, if you started with an anecdote about your first science fair, end by mentioning how that experience influenced your passion for research and led to your desire to study biology in college. This structure not only ensures a coherent flow but also helps you tell a compelling story that is uniquely yours. Best of luck with your writing!

8 months ago

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