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Opinions on the Brooklyn College PIMA program?

Just came across the PIMA (Performance and Interactive Media Arts) program at Brooklyn College and it looks pretty unique. Does anyone have experience with it or know someone who does? I'm all about blending tech and art so I'm super curious how it’s viewed in the admissions world and if it's worth the hype.

8 months ago

Hey there! I've had a chance to learn a bit about Brooklyn College's PIMA program through past students who've shown interest in tech and arts programs. The PIMA program is indeed a unique offering that combines technology with the arts. From an admissions perspective, programs that encourage interdisciplinary studies can be viewed quite favorably, as they indicate a candidate's ability to thrive in a challenging and innovative learning environment.

In terms of 'worth the hype', students who've engaged with the program have said it's been rewarding for them, especially those who are passionate about merging different disciplines. For example, a student I worked with combined their interests in interactive design with performing arts and ended up with a fantastic portfolio that led them to exciting career opportunities. If that sounds like something that aligns with your vision, it could very well be worth your consideration. Just ensure you highlight your passion for both tech and art in your application to showcase your fit for such a distinct program.

8 months ago

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