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Alternative Forms to FAFSA for College?

Hey folks, just a bit stressed here trying to figure out financial aid. Is there any form similar to the FAFSA that I need to fill out in order to apply for financial aid at colleges? I know about the CSS Profile for some private schools, but are there any other forms I should be aware of?

8 months ago

Hello! It’s great that you’re proactively seeking information about financial aid forms beyond the FAFSA. You’re correct that the CSS Profile is used by many private colleges to determine eligibility for non-federal financial aid. Some schools may have their own institutional forms that you would need to fill out as well, so it’s crucial to check with each college’s financial aid website or contact their financial aid office directly for the most accurate information.

Additionally, for certain situations, like if you’re an international student, colleges may have different forms or require additional documentation related to financial aid. So linking up with the colleges you’re interested in will help ensure you're not missing anything. And don’t forget to look for state-specific aid forms, as many states have their own aid programs and may require separate applications. For example, the Cal Grant in California requires a GPA verification form in addition to the FAFSA. Make sure to check the deadlines for these forms as they can differ from the FAFSA deadline.

While the number of forms to keep track of may seem a little overwhelming at first, as long as you get organized early you should be in good shape!

8 months ago

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