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When are AP exam payments typically due?

Hi everyone, I'm starting to plan for my upcoming AP exams and was wondering, when are the payments usually due? I don’t want to miss any deadlines and my family is a bit stressed about fitting this expense into our budget.

8 months ago

Hello! It's great that you're proactively planning for your AP exams. Typically, the payment deadlines are set by your school and thus can vary. However, many schools ask for AP exam fees to be paid in the early fall, sometimes as early as the end of October or beginning of November. The College Board provides a recommended deadline, but your school might choose a different date. To avoid any stress or last-minute scrambling, make sure to check with your school's AP coordinator or your school’s website for the specific deadline. Also, if the fees are a concern, ask your AP coordinator about fee reductions that might be available to help manage the cost.

Good luck with your exams!

8 months ago

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