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Options for illness on AP exam day?

I'm stressing out because I tend to get random colds and stuff. If I wake up sick on the day of an AP exam, what should I do? Does anyone know if there are makeup dates or alternative options?

8 months ago

It's completely understandable to be worried about unforeseen circumstances like illness affecting such an important test day. The College Board has policies in place for situations just like this. If you're too ill to take your AP exam, there's an option for late testing during the makeup dates, which are typically pre-scheduled for a couple of weeks after the regular exam dates.

Make sure to talk to your AP Coordinator or guidance counselor at your school as soon as possible if you're feeling unwell, and they'll assist you with the process of applying for the late testing date. Keep in mind that you might need a doctor's note or other documentation to confirm your illness, so be prepared to provide that if necessary. Rest easy knowing that there's a built-in backup plan, and just focus on taking care of yourself, so that you can hopefully take your exams as planned and not need to even worry about the makeup dates! Wishing you all the best.

8 months ago

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