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Universities with an urban campus vibe like NYU?

I'm drawn to NYU because of its urban setting and the whole 'city is your campus' thing. What are some other universities that offer a similar experience in a big city?

8 months ago

You're in for a treat because there are several universities with a vibrant urban campus vibe similar to NYU!

Consider looking at universities such as Columbia University in New York City, which, while more traditional in its campus layout, still provides that in-the-city feel.

Another great option is the University of Chicago, which offers a college town experience within a major city, merging a traditional campus with urban living.

In the west, there's the University of Southern California (USC) nestled in Los Angeles, offering strong academic programs in the heart of the city's dynamic environment.

On the east coast, Boston University and Northeastern University are both situated in Boston and offer a comprehensive urban campus life.

Remember that each city and campus has its own unique flavor, so I'd recommend visiting these cities and walking around the campuses, if possible, to get a feel for the environment and see which vibes with you the best!

8 months ago

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