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Are "optional" college essays really optional?

Hey guys, I'm finalizing my college applications and I’ve noticed several schools offer 'optional' essays. Should I bother doing these or are they truly optional? Will it hurt my chances if I don't submit them?

8 months ago

When colleges provide 'optional' essays, think of them as opportunities to share more about yourself and stand out. If you have the time and can write a strong essay, I'd encourage you to do so. It allows the admissions committee to gain a deeper insight into who you are beyond grades and test scores.

Not submitting an optional essay won't necessarily hurt your chances, especially if your application is strong in other areas. However, completing them can show your enthusiasm for the school and give you an edge. It can be particularly useful if you're on the cusp of the school's typical applicant profile.

Delve into the optional essays if you can, and ensure they're well-crafted and add value to your application. Best of luck with your final touches!

8 months ago

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