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How does the College Board grade AP World History exams?

Hey! I’m currently slogging through AP World History. I’m just wondering how the grading works for this specific AP exam. How do they decide on the final score, and what’s a good score if you're aiming for top colleges?

8 months ago

AP World History exams, like other AP exams, are graded on a scale of 1 to 5. The exam has two sections: multiple-choice questions and free-response questions, which include a document-based question (DBQ), a long essay, and short-answer questions. Each section is worth 50% of your final score.

The multiple-choice section is graded by a computer that counts the number of correct responses, while the free-response section is graded by college and high school AP history teachers during the annual AP Reading.

To ensure fairness, your free-response answers are anonymized and often scored by multiple readers, with any discrepancies resolved by a table leader for consistency. The points from both sections are then combined to determine a composite score, which is then translated to the 5-point AP scale.

Generally, a score of 3 is considered 'passing,' but for top colleges, you'll likely want to aim for a 4 or 5. Keep honing those analytical skills for the essays and practice those multiple-choice questions; it can make a big difference in pushing your score to the top range. Good luck on your exam!

8 months ago

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