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Are there any college programs like Teach for America designed for undergrads?

Hello peeps! As I'm planning my future beyond high school, I'm curious if there are any service-oriented programs or fellowships available for college students that are similar to Teach for America. I'm really passionate about making a difference and would love to combine that with my college experience. Any suggestions?

8 months ago

Hey there! It's fantastic to hear about your passion for service. One program that might interest you is the Bonner Scholars Program, which provides a four-year community service scholarship to students in need of financial assistance. It’s offered at select colleges, and participating students are expected to engage in community service work throughout their college years.

Another opportunity is the AmeriCorps program, wherein students can sometimes earn education awards in exchange for service that can help pay for college expenses or student loans. Some schools also have partnership arrangements with AmeriCorps where you might receive matching funds or be involved in service programs directly through the college.

I'd also suggest checking with the colleges you're interested in to see if they have specific service-learning programs or fellowships. Many colleges have their own initiatives that align with their institutional values and areas of focus. When you visit or talk with college admissions offices, be sure to ask about service opportunities; they often can point you to programs that suit your interests!

8 months ago

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