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What stats and ECs do University of Georgia accepted students usually have?

I'm really considering UGA for college, and it's kinda nerve-wracking not knowing where I stand. Can anyone share what the typical profile for an accepted UGA student is? I'm curious about GPA, test scores, and the types of extracurriculars that they tend to look for.

8 months ago

Understanding where you stand in the admissions landscape can definitely be a bit daunting, but I'm happy to help shed some light on what UGA might be looking for. Accepted students at the University of Georgia generally sport strong academic credentials with an average GPA around 4.0, based on a rigorous high school curriculum. As for standardized tests, while UGA has adopted a test-optional policy for some recent admissions cycles, traditionally admitted students have had SAT scores in the range of 1300 to 1470 or an ACT composite score between 29 and 33.

When it comes to extracurriculars, UGA, like many schools, is seeking students who are well-rounded and have shown a commitment to their passions, whether it's leadership positions, community service, athletics, arts, or other special interests. A track record of involvement and achievements in a few areas is often more impressive than a long list of activities with little depth. Remember to highlight how you've made an impact in your activities, rather than just participation. Pro tip: Pay attention to how you can tie your extracurricular involvement to your intended major or career path. For example, if you're interested in business, leadership roles in related clubs can be a significant plus!

8 months ago

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