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Finding colleges with a vibe similar to Colby College?

I’m really into Colby College’s atmosphere and academics, but I want to apply to a few other schools with a similar feel just in case. Any suggestions on colleges that have a comparable environment, maybe in terms of size, student life, and academic rigor?

8 months ago

I totally get wanting to find that perfect collegiate atmosphere, and it's smart to have options lined up! Looking at schools similar to Colby College, you might want to consider Middlebury College and Bates College. Middlebury is known for its strong focus on liberal arts and a tight-knit community, similar to Colby. It also emphasizes environmental awareness and offers a gorgeous rural setting in Vermont. Bates College in Maine also shares the small college charm and rigorous academics, with a strong commitment to social justice and an inclusive community.

Another option is Bowdoin College, which boasts a collaborative environment, and, like Colby, offers an outdoorsy student life owing to its location in Maine. All of these colleges present the opportunity for close student-faculty relationships and have similar enrollment sizes, usually under 3,000 students. The academic rigor is a given with these choices, as they all have solid reputations for academic excellence.

One more suggestion would be to look into liberal arts colleges outside of New England like Carleton College in Minnesota, which is known for a strong sense of community and academic intensity. It's always great to expand your horizons a bit in your search. Best of luck finding the right fit!

8 months ago

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