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Exploring the Montage Essay Structure

Hi friends! I've read about the montage structure for college essays, and it seems interesting. Does anyone have tips on how to write a montage college essay, or can share what makes it different from other essay structures?

8 months ago

Hello! The montage essay structure is a great way to showcase different facets of your personality, interests, and achievements. This approach is differentiated by its non-linear narrative - you're not telling a story in chronological order, but rather connecting a variety of experiences, skills, and values through a common theme.

To craft a compelling montage essay, choose a theme that can tie together several stories about you. It's like showing different pieces of a mosaic that together form a complete picture of who you are. Start by listing out significant experiences, then group them by potential themes. Remember: each vignette or scene should illustrate a different aspect of you but also contribute to a cohesive whole.

For example, if your theme is 'innovation,' you could connect stories from your science fair achievements, coding projects, and problem-solving moments in daily life all under that overarching idea of innovative thinking.

Here's an example of a Montage essay in #3 of this post: https://blog.collegevine.com/college-essay-format-and-structure

Wishing you the best as you tackle your essay!

8 months ago

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