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Homeschooler looking to take AP exams

As a homeschool student, I'm trying to figure out how I can take AP exams. Anyone here who's been through this and can shed some light on the process and what I need to consider?

8 months ago

Hey there! I totally get where you're coming from. My kid was homeschooled as well, and we navigated the AP exam sign-up process together. From our experience, you'll need to reach out to local schools in your area to see which one is willing to accommodate outside students for AP exams. It's important to start this process early, usually at the beginning of the school year, because spots can fill up and there's paperwork to be done.

Also, don't forget to review the College Board's deadlines and fees for each AP exam you're looking to take. There might be additional administrative fees that the school could charge for hosting you, so be sure to budget for that as well. On the test day, make sure you have all the necessary identification and arrive early to get settled in. And if you have specific accommodations that you need, reach out to the College Board ahead of time to secure those. Best of luck on your exams!

8 months ago

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