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APUSH Exam Schedule Confusion

Hey guys, I'm trying to plan out my study schedule and I just can't seem to find when the AP US History exam is going to be held this year. Does anyone know the specific date for the APUSH exam or where to find this information? Thanks a bunch!

8 months ago

Hello there! Understanding the schedule for your exams is definitely an important aspect of planning your studies. The AP US History exam, also known as APUSH, is typically held in early May. For this year, you can expect the APUSH exam to be on the Friday of the first week of May. It's always best to confirm the exact date as it can vary slightly year to year.

The College Board website is the most reliable source of information for AP exam schedules. You can visit their site and navigate to the AP Exam schedule section for the specific date and time of all AP exams. Additionally, your school's AP coordinator or guidance counselor should have the exam calendar available and be able to provide you with the information you’re looking for. I highly recommend checking with them as well to ensure you have the correct date. Good luck on your exams!

8 months ago

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