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What are some majors that are complementary to a communications degree?

As a junior thinking ahead, I want to get into communications, but I'm also interested in expanding my skill set. What are some majors that would complement a communications degree well and are offered at a variety of schools? Ideally, something that would give me a unique edge in the job market but still keeps me rooted in the communications field.

8 months ago

Hey there! Thinking ahead about complementary majors is a smart move. Given your interest in communications, there are several paths you might consider that align closely and can give you an edge. One popular option is Psychology, which delves into human behavior and can provide you with insights on how people think and communicate. Another is Business Administration or Marketing, which can teach you the ropes of the business world while enhancing your communication strategies, especially in corporate or entrepreneurial settings.

For a more technical slant, consider a major like Information Technology or Computer Science to gain skills in the rapidly growing digital communications sphere. You might also look into Political Science if you're interested in public affairs and using your communication skills within government or advocacy roles. Each of these fields complements a communications background by providing additional perspectives and skill sets that employers find valuable. Just be sure to check the specific offerings at the schools you're interested in to ensure these majors are available. Best of luck in making a choice that excites you and prepares you for your future!

8 months ago

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