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AP Calculus BC Score Breakdown

I'm dipping my toes into AP Calc BC next year and I've heard it's tough. Could anyone give me a rundown on how the AP Calculus BC exam is scored? Are the FRQs and MCQs weighted the same, and what score do I need to aim for to get that juicy 5?

8 months ago

Certainly! The AP Calculus BC exam is known for its challenging content, but understanding the scoring can really help with your preparation. The exam consists of two parts: the multiple-choice section (MCQs) and the free-response questions (FRQs). The MCQ section has 45 questions and accounts for 50% of the total score. On the other hand, the FRQ section has 6 questions and also makes up 50% of the total score. Each section is graded separately and then combined to give you a composite score which is on a scale of 1 to 5.

For the MCQs, there's no penalty for guessing, so make sure to answer every question. For the FRQs, partial credit is given, so attempt all parts of every question even if you aren't sure of the answer. To aim for a 5, you generally want to score above 70% of the possible points, although this can vary slightly from year to year depending on the exam difficulty. Scoring practices and past score distributions can be found on the College Board's website, which can give you a benchmark for the scores needed for a 5. Good luck on your AP Calc BC journey; with diligent study and practice, you'll be set to do your best!

8 months ago

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