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Schools with a liberal arts focus like DePauw?

So I've been looking into DePauw and I really like the tight-knit community and strong liberal arts education. Are there other schools out there that offer a similar experience? I'm aiming for a balance between academic rigor and a warm community feel.

8 months ago

Absolutely, there are many schools with a strong liberal arts focus that cultivate a close-knit community alongside academic rigor. If DePauw has captured your interest, I'd suggest exploring schools like Denison University in Ohio or Whitman College in Washington. Both of these schools emphasize a broad-based education grounded in critical thinking and communication skills, much like DePauw.

Another great option could be Kenyon College, also in Ohio, which is known for its strong programs in writing and literature. Bates College in Maine and St. Olaf College in Minnesota are noteworthy for not only their academic environments but also for their collaborative and supportive campus cultures. Don’t forget about Oberlin College, which combines a renown conservatory of music with a traditional liberal arts education, creating a unique and vibrant community.

Additionally, you might want to consider schools like Macalester College and Grinnell College, which are well-known for their international focus and social justice ethos within a liberal arts framework. Liberal arts colleges generally offer the kind of environment you’re looking for, so these are just a few examples to start. Each college has its own distinct flavor, so I'd recommend visiting, if possible, to get a true sense of the atmosphere. Also remember to look into the specific programs and opportunities each school offers to ensure they align with your academic interests and goals. Best of luck with your search!

8 months ago

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