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How vital is it to explain 'why college is important' in my personal statement?

Hey all! I'm brainstorming for my personal statement and I keep seeing advice about discussing the importance of college. How much should I focus on 'why college is important' as opposed to just talking about myself and my aspirations? Is it overdone? Would love to hear your thoughts!

8 months ago

It's essential to understand that your personal statement is primarily a platform to showcase who you are, what drives you, and how these factors have shaped your experiences and aspirations. Be careful not to insert content about college itself if the prompt does not call for it or if it does not fit the themes of your essay.

If you do wish to discuss college, instead of focusing on the generic 'importance of college', which can be impersonal and overdone, channel that energy into discussing how this particular college fits into your unique path and can aid in achieving your specific goals. For instance, if you're interested in environmental science and a certain college has an outstanding program with unique research opportunities, talk about how that aligns with your aspiration to contribute to sustainable solutions. Admissions officers read thousands of essays, so what will make yours stand out is not a boilerplate discussion on the value of higher education but rather how your journey and the college's offerings intersect to help you grow and make an impact. Remember, the more specific and personal you can get, the better.

8 months ago

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