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Best time to register for AP exams 2023?

Hey guys, I'm a bit stressed because I've heard different things from different people. When's the absolute latest I can register for AP exams in 2023 without incurring late fees? Our school hasn't given us clear guidelines, and I can't seem to find a straight answer online. Don't want to miss out or pay extra! Thanks for the help.

8 months ago

I understand your concern about the timing for AP exam registration; it's great that you're being proactive about it. Typically, for the 2023 AP exams, the College Board sets a regular registration deadline in early November. Some schools set an internal deadline that is a little bit earlier than the College Board's to ensure all the paperwork and fees are processed on time. Be sure to check with your school to clarify their specific policy on registering and if you have any actions you need to take.

However, if you miss this initial deadline, there's usually a late registration period that extends until mid-March. But be aware that registering during this period incurs a late fee for each exam you sign up for. I would advise checking directly with your school's AP coordinator as soon as possible to get the specific dates and avoid any extra costs. Also, remember to mark these important dates on your calendar once you have them to ensure you don't forget as deadlines approach!

8 months ago

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