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Do any colleges accept 2's on AP exams?

Okay, so hypothetical situation (definitely not real, ha...) - if someone were to, let's say, get a 2 on an AP exam, are there any colleges that would accept that score? Asking for a friend. A list or just some examples would be super helpful.

8 months ago

While a score of 2 on an AP exam is typically considered below the threshold for college credit, there are some exceptions. Some smaller schools or less competitive colleges may be more lenient and accept a 2 for placement purposes or elective credit, rather than for specific course credit.

Each college and university has its own policy on AP credits, and these can even vary by department within the institution. If your friend is looking at a particular set of colleges, the best course of action would be to check each school's AP credit policy, which can often be found on the college's official website under the admissions or registrar’s office sections. You can also try the AP Credit search tool on the College Board's website: https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/getting-credit-placement/search-policies

It is also worth noting for your friend that having a lower AP score doesn't eliminate the value of having taken the course. Colleges recognize the rigor of AP classes and understand that the exam does not always fully represent a student's understanding of the subject material or their work throughout the year. If they did well in the course overall, that will matter more than their score on the exam.

Encourage your friend to focus on strengths in other areas of their application or college preparation. And remember, your friend can always decide not to submit their AP score if they feel it doesn't reflect their true abilities.

If your friend would like to learn more about the importance (or lack thereof) of AP scores in the college admissions process, I'd check out this blog post from CollegeVine, which they may find reassuring: https://blog.collegevine.com/how-important-are-ap-scores-for-college-admissions/. All the best to your friend with their college process!

8 months ago

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