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Canceling my AP exam, is it possible?

I'm rethinking taking one of my AP exams and I might need to cancel. Can anyone tell me how this works or if there's a deadline? A little stressed because I don't want to make a decision I'll regret.

8 months ago

It's quite understandable to feel stressed about this decision, but rest assured that you can indeed cancel an AP exam if you need to. The process for canceling can differ slightly depending on your school, but typically, you should speak to your AP coordinator. They can let you know if there’s a specific deadline and the steps you need to follow to cancel the exam officially.

If you do decide to cancel after the AP Exam ordering deadline (usually in November), you may not get a full refund as the College Board charges a cancellation fee. However, not taking an exam can also mean a reduction in stress and a more focused study effort on your other exams, which can sometimes be worth more than the refund.

Think carefully about why you're considering canceling. Is it the subject matter, preparation concerns, or the pressure of too many exams? Take some time to weigh the pros and cons before you take any action. And remember, taking the exam and scoring well can possibly earn you college credit, which might save time and money in the future. But prioritize your wellbeing and long-term academic goals when making your decision.

8 months ago

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