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European Colleges with American Vibes?

Hey everyone! I'm starting to look at colleges and I’m super interested in maybe going abroad. Does anyone know if there are European colleges that offer a similar experience to American liberal arts colleges, in terms of campus life and educational style? Has anyone attended one and can share their perspective?

8 months ago

Hey there! Absolutely, European colleges can provide a wealth of experiences, some of which might remind you of the American liberal arts college vibe. For instance, Jacobs University in Germany is one such place, where you can get a transatlantic educational experience. The classes are small, they emphasize a broad and interdisciplinary curriculum, and there's a vibrant campus life, much like what you'd find at a liberal arts college in the States.

John Cabot University in Rome also utilizes an American-style educational model, and has a highly international student body. You'll be right in the heart of Rome, but also have some of the structure and familiarity of the approach to higher learning you're used to.

Good luck exploring!

8 months ago

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