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Are erasable pens allowed during AP exams?

Hey everyone, I'm kinda stressed about the writing portion of the upcoming AP exams. Does anyone know if we can use erasable pens for the essays or is it strictly pencil only?

8 months ago

Erasable pens are not allowed during the writing portions of the AP exams. The College Board specifies that students must use either a No. 2 pencil or, for some exams where essays are required, a pen with blue or black ink. Using an erasable pen could cause issues with the scanning of the answer sheets and essays. This is because the grading process uses scanning technology that might not accurately read the ink from erasable pens.

It's a good idea to use non-erasable pens to ensure that your responses are clearly legible after you've written them. If you make an error, simply draw a single line through the mistake and write the correct text next to it or above it. The graders are accustomed to this and it won’t affect your score negatively.

8 months ago

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