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Where can I find colleges with a similar vibe to CU Boulder?

So I've heard amazing things about the vibe at CU Boulder—like the outdoor scene and the laid-back atmosphere. I'm definitely into that sort of culture, but I want to check out other colleges that offer a similar feel. Anyone got suggestions for other schools that capture that same Boulder-esque environment?

8 months ago

Hey there! I totally get what you're looking for—the vibe of a college can really make or break the experience. If you're into that outdoorsy, laid-back atmosphere, you might want to check out schools like the University of Vermont in Burlington, which offers a great blend of nature and a relaxed community. Similarly, the University of Oregon in Eugene is known for its commitment to environmentalism and its active student body. They also have a cool college town feel, much like Boulder.

Another place you could look into is UC Santa Cruz; nestled within redwood forests and close to the coast, it gives off a similar chill vibe. Remember, it's not just about the activities available; the student culture and university ethos are also key components of that Boulder-esque environment. If you can visit any of these campuses or connect with current students, you'll get a better sense of whether each school fits what you're looking for. Best of luck finding your perfect college fit!

8 months ago

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