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All About the AP Seminar Exam

Serious question time—could somebody break down for me what the AP Seminar exam involves? I've got this vibe that it's a different beast compared to the other AP exams, but what's the specific format and how does it go down?

8 months ago

Happy to enlighten you on the AP Seminar exam! It is indeed a unique one among the AP suite. The exam consists of two main components: a team project and presentation, plus an individual research-based essay and presentation which you'll do during the school year, and an end-of-course exam in May.

The in-class portion makes up 60% of your score. For this part, you’ll work with a team to identify a real-world problem, develop a research question, and then collectively investigate that question. Plus, you'll also write and present an individual research report on a different subject.

The remaining 40% comes from the end-of-course exam, which includes three short-answer questions and an essay question. This part tests your ability to analyze and synthesize information from multiple sources, which are provided in the exam materials.

If you've been engaging with the various elements throughout the year, you should be in a good place when exam day arrives. Good prep and good luck!

8 months ago

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