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Deferred admission: Should I retake the SAT to improve my chances?

So, I just found out I've been deferred 😓 I thought my application was strong, but now I'm second-guessing everything, especially my SAT score, which is decent but not top of the range. Do you guys think it's a good move to try and retake the SAT to boost my score and chances of getting in? Or should I invest that energy in other areas, like my essays or additional coursework? Any advice would help, feeling a bit lost here.

8 months ago

It's completely natural to feel disconcerted after being deferred, but it's great that you’re looking at ways to strengthen your application. To directly address your question, improving your SAT score can be beneficial, especially if you believe you have the potential to score significantly higher. If your current score is below the median for admitted students at the college you’re aiming for, a higher score could improve your chances.

That being said, balance is key. If preparing for the SAT is going to consume a considerable amount of time that could be spent enhancing other parts of your application, it’s worth considering whether that time might be better used elsewhere. For instance, if your essays could use some additional polish or you have the opportunity to take on a project that aligns with your intended major, those elements can also strengthen your application.

In short, if you think you can raise your SAT score without it being at the expense of the other components of your application, go for it. Otherwise, it might be more strategic to focus on other areas.

8 months ago

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