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How have students typically found the difficulty of the AP Environmental Science Exam?

I've signed up for AP Environmental Science next year and I'm hearing mixed things. Some say it's a breeze, others that it's deceptively tough. For those who've taken it, how did you find the workload and the exam itself? Got any tips for managing the course effectively?

8 months ago

It's quite common to hear differing opinions about the difficulty of AP courses, including AP Environmental Science (APES). Perceptions of its difficulty can vary based on individual strengths and the specific teacher conducting the class. Generally, APES is considered one of the more accessible AP science courses, especially when compared to disciplines like Biology or Chemistry.

For the exam itself, as with most AP exams, success often comes down to a strong understanding of the content and an ability to apply it to real-world scenarios. The workload isn't negligible—expect to dedicate time to reading and understanding environmental processes and human impacts.

As for managing the course, I recommend creating a consistent study schedule. Students have found it helpful to review their notes regularly and not fall behind, particularly because the subject matter is cumulative. Also, practice with past exam questions from the College Board website can give you an excellent idea of the test’s format and the types of questions asked.

Lastly, don't hesitate to seek help if you’re struggling to understand a topic; group study sessions or discussions with your teacher can provide clarity and facilitate a deeper understanding of complex concepts.

8 months ago

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