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What's the AP Art Exam really like?

Artistic minds, I need your guidance! I’m considering the AP Art exam and gotta know, what's the process like? I hear there’s no traditional 'test' but rather a portfolio submission. What do they look for in the submitted work? Creativity? Technique? Also, how's the time crunch? Thanks for any tips on how to Picasso this!

8 months ago

Hey there! You're right, the AP Art exams are unique in that there's no traditional sit-down test, just a portfolio submission. The focus is on quality, not quantity, and the College Board looks for students to demonstrate mastery of design principles and visual/ideational creativity. Your portfolio will be made up of three sections: Selected Works, Sustained Investigation, and Range of Approaches. You need to showcase your ability to experiment and explore different art-making processes, and to purposefully select work that represents your skills and ideas most effectively.

Regarding the time aspect, it can be quite intensive since you'll be working on your portfolio throughout the school year. It's important to plan your time effectively and get consistent feedback from your art teachers. They can guide you not just in creating your art but also in understanding AP scoring guidelines. Students often find the process very rewarding, though—it's a great opportunity to develop a body of work that showcases personal growth as an artist. Last tip: Check out examples of high-scoring portfolios online to see what successful submissions look like. This can help you get a clearer idea of what to aim for in yours. Best of luck with your portfolio—you've got this!

8 months ago

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