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Are IB classes really akin to actual college courses in difficulty?

Hey guys, junior here currently in the IB program and I'm kinda stressing. For anyone who’s been through both IB and college, how similar is the difficulty level of IB courses compared to actual college classes? Are there any specific aspects that make them alike or different?

8 months ago

Absolutely, the IB program is indeed rigorous and mirrors many aspects of college coursework. The level of difficulty can vary depending on the individual student, the subject, and the college, but generally, IB classes are designed to be challenging and promote critical thinking, self-management, and research skills. For instance, the Extended Essay in IB is similar to the type of independent research projects you might encounter in college.

Additionally, IB assessments often require you to demonstrate your knowledge in comprehensive ways, akin to college exams and papers. However, college courses may differ in content depth depending on your major and the nature of your chosen institution's curriculum. As for the intensity, it may shift as well—some college courses can be more specialized, diving deeper into subjects. Overall, though, the IB program's commitment to academic rigor certainly sets a foundation that can be beneficial for many college-bound students.

8 months ago

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