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Can college students take AP exams?

Hey guys, I've heard about high schoolers taking AP exams, but can a college student also take AP exams if they want to? Just curious if that's a thing because I've got some college friends who mentioned wanting to take an exam to skip some classes.

8 months ago

Certainly, college students can take AP exams, though it's much less common compared to high school students. AP exams are intended primarily for high schoolers as a way to demonstrate mastery of advanced material and potentially earn college credit. However, there's no official rule that prevents someone already in college from taking the exams.

If your college friends are interested in taking AP exams, they will need to find a local high school willing to administer the exam to them, as the College Board requires that AP exams are taken at an official test site. They should reach out to the AP coordinators at nearby high schools to see if they can accommodate them.

Also, it's important for them to check with their college's registrar's office or academic advising department to ensure that the college will accept AP scores for credit or placement once they've passed the exams. Different institutions have different policies regarding AP credits, and some may not accept them once a student is already enrolled.

For example, at some colleges, AP credits must be claimed in the first year of study. It's better to be well-informed about these policies beforehand to avoid any unnecessary efforts or disappointments.

8 months ago

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